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REPORT: All of San Diego to Have Free, Inadequate Wifi During Comic Con

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, June 23 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

REPORT: All of San Diego to Have Free, Inadequate Wifi During Comic Con

Now congoers outside the convention center can also fail to obtain decent wifi service for free!

Source: Robot 6

According to Robot 6, Internet Service Provider and Rooster Translation Service Cox Communications will be providing free, non-working wifi to all of downtown San Diego during most of the month of July, coinciding with both San Diego Comic Con and the 2016 MLB All Star Game. Thanks to the generous collaboration between Cox and SDCC, over 100 wifi hotspots will be installed around the town to ensure that, no matter where you are, you will be able to attempt to connect to the service (and fail because there's too many people and it's woefully under-provisioned).

"We're really excited about this opportunity to frustrate the entire city of San Diego during the biggest comics event of the year," said SDCC founder Samuel Diego. "When I think about all of the people who will be saying, 'god dammit, I can't connect to this goddamn wifi, it says I have four bars but it's still not fucking working' it brings a smile to my face. Finally, everyone will know what it's like to be at Comic Con."

After July 24th, the wifi hotspots will remain, though users will have to pay to connect.

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