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Rich Johnston Spoils Next Two Weeks of Comics Media EXXXCLUSIVES With Marvel NOW Scoops

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, July 11 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Rich Johnston Spoils Next Two Weeks of Comics Media EXXXCLUSIVES With Marvel NOW Scoops

Johnston has, once again, spoiled every single Marvel announcement ahead of San Diego Comic Con. Unlike Rich Johnston, we've collected them all in one article instead of seventy-two.

Source: Bleeding Cool

In an event that comics media historians will one day refer to as "The Pip Pippening," Bleeding Cool rumormonger Rich Johnston has spoiled at least two week's worth of comic book media EXXXCLUSIVE announcements by revealing several new Marvel NOW! series before Marvel could coordinate with their media partners to reveal the information in fluff interviews and glorified press releases during San Diego Comic Con. In a series of seventy-two separate articles, maximizing the stolen web clicks, Johnston revealed that Marvel will soon announce a new Rocket Raccoon series by writer Matthew Rosenberg, a Kingpin ongoing by Rosenberg and Ben Torres, a Star Lord series by Chip Zdarsky, a Prowler series by Sean Ryan and Jamal Campbell, an Occupy Avengers comic by David Walker and Gabriel Walta, Unstoppable Wasp by Jeremy Whitley And Elsa Charretier, Bullseye by Jeremy Whitley And Elsa Charretier, Venom by Mike Costa and Gerardo Sandoval, Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows by Gerry Conway And Ryan Stegman, Iron Fists (that's plural) by Kaare Andrews And Afu Chan Launch and featuring a six year old East-Asian girl as Iron Fist's new partner, Ultimates2 by Al Ewing and Travel Foreman, Doctor Strange: Sorcerors Supreme by Robbie Rodriguez and Javier Rodriguez, Hawkeye (the Kate Bishop version) by Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero, Avengers 1.1, a historical Avengers book by Mark Waid and Barry Kitson that will explain why Superman doesn't kill, a new Nova book starring Richard Fucking Rider!!! by an unknown creative team, Grim and Gritty Relaunched Avengers by Mark Waid and Mike Del Mundo, three Deadpool spinoff books - Foolkiller by Max Bemis and Dalibor Talajic, Solo by Gerry Duggan, Geoffrey Thorne and Paco Diaz, and Slapstick by Reilly Brown, Fred Van Lente and Mike Norton - and, finally, that Nicole Perlman Gamora book that Marvel has been claiming they'd publish for like three years now, with Marco Chechetto on art. You can tell that these announcements are totally legit because several don't mention artists, a hallmark of Marvel promotion.

The release of all of this EXXXCLUSIVE information from a non-EXXXCLUSIVE source has wreaked havoc on the comic book media economy, with sycophantic websites like CBR, Newsarama, and ComicBook.com scrambling to come up with new EXXXCLUSIVE content to replace the stolen announcements. The EXXXCLUSIVE media announcement is a staple of the comic book media, comprising well over 80% of all comic book news stories reported by mainstream outlets and driving the unique clicks required to drive ad revenue by the publishers supplying the EXXXCLUSIVE information in the first place. Johnston's scoop coup throws a monkey-wrench into the entire formula, and it's unclear if the comic book media can recover.

"This represents millions of lost unique clicks for the comic book media," explained a distraught Albert Ching, managing editor of Valnet Inc. Presents: Comic Book Resources. "I'm not sure the industry can sustain such a hit, but we're going to double the already obscene amount of in-article advertisements and pop-ups on CBR to try to make up for it." According to Ching, what "really hurts" about Johnston's stealing of his site's rightfully earned unique clicks is that Ching will need to add several new questions to this Friday's Axel-in-Charge column at the last minute, including "what has you excited about this new Hawkeye series?", "what are you most excited about when it comes to Occupy Avengers?", and "would you say you're personally excited about the three upcoming Deadpool spinoff books?", amongst others. Ching admitted that, in all likelihood, the website would likely post all of its stories anyway, without mentioning Bleeding Cool, and just pretend that none of this happened, with other websites likely to follow suit. ComicBook.com and Newsarama could not be reached for comment, as they were currently on the phone with their Marvel PR rep begging for permission to post their EXXXCLUSIVE versions early now that Bleeding Cool went and ruined everything.

So how did Johnston get his hands on all these announcements? Well, here's our guess: in order to help their media partners prepare fawning press coverage of Marvel during San Diego Comic Con, Marvel sends out information about all the announcements they plan to make ahead of time. Someone at one of these media partners either hates Marvel, loves Johnston, or both, and must give this information to Johnston, who is under no obligation to respect the embargo because he got it from "an industry insider" and wasn't emailed directly by Marvel. It's all fair play, though you'll undoubtedly see Marvel employees and comics media personalities (is there a difference?) crying about it on Twitter for the next week. Yes, we're talking about Dan Slott.

I'd link to all of Johnston's articles, but fuck it, there's too many of them and it would take me longer to link them all than it did to write this article, so just go to Bleeding Cool and look at their homepage if you want "more info" - here defined as Johnston bragging about knowing more about each series than he's letting on but not actually telling you - on any of these books.

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