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'Star Trek' "4": Dead Is Not Dead? Update: Confirmed

Written by sdsichero on Saturday, July 16 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

'Star Trek'

Star Trek 4? More like Star Trek Thor! Amirite?

Source: @MovieMantz Twitter feed

Star Trek Beyondcrashes into theaters next week, but that doesn't mean people aren't already looking… beyond this sequel. Perhaps buoyed by good press reviews, producer J.J. Abrams already pre-announced that a fourth movie in the rebooted  Kelvin Timeline was a shoe-in.

Trek fans might comment that since Into Darkness featured Khan like Star Trek II did, and Beyond will feature the destruction of the Enterprise like Star Trek III did, the next Trek will feature whales. Well, we haven't 100% heard it won't but it seems that Abrams has a different feature in mind for the next movie:


For those who watched the first movie in the Kelvin Timeline, you'll remember that Chris Hemsworth (Thor) played George Kirk, James T. Kirk's (Chris Pine) father. For about five minutes before he was killed, and had a timeline named after the ship he captained.



Great another movie featuring Kirk's daddy issues.

So, like his son before him daddy Kirk may be returning from the dead for Star Trek "4". Did the crew keep some magic Tribble blood from Into Darkness? Perhaps they are taking something from Star Trek IV and the next movie will feature time travel or Carol Marcus secretly launched a Kelvin-Genesis bomb resulting in his rebirth and he was found. What we want to know is who has his Katra?

No official announcement for a fourth movie in the Kelvin Timeline has been made, but we'll be keeping our sensors hot.

UPDATE Stardate 160718:

Looks like both the sequel and Hemsworth appearing are confirmed. According to Variety:

Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Bad Robot have announced a fourth film in the rebooted  “Star Trek” series, starring Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth.


So… Nexus? This reporter is hoping for Mirror Universe…

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