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Image Announces New Character America Vasquez That Is Totally Nothing Like Marvel's America Chavez

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, July 18 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Image Announces New Character America Vasquez That Is Totally Nothing Like Marvel's America Chavez

The character will debut in the new All-America Comix in 2017 from Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta.

Source: THR

In a move that is clearly, without doubt, completely unrelated to Marvel's similarly named hero America Chavez, Image Comics announced a new ongoing comic starring totally new hero America Vasquez in 2017. The series, called "All-America Comix," will star Vasquez, an original hero created by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta who is obviously completely different from America Chavez, created by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta. "America who?" Casey responded when asked about the Marvel hero. "Doesn't ring a bell." We reached out to Dragotta as well, who was unable to speak to us due to a bad connection that coincidentally sounded exactly like Dragotta making hissing noises with his mouth interspersed with things like "What? Sorry, can't hear you" and "I'm going through a tunnel."

The announcement follows reports from Bleeding Cool earlier this morning that Marvel might be planning to announce an America Chavez comic today, though we're not sure why we're even including that information here since the two clearly have nothing to do with each other. It would be the first ongoing series starring Chavez, since this America Vasquez series wouldn't count by any definition, being as they're completely separate, different heroes that only a total nut would think are similar. We mean, come on.

At press time, sources told The Outhouse that Image might have more new superhero series announcements later today, including Bullverine, a new comic about a half-man, half-bull who fights bad guys with his retractable metal hooves and is "really good at what he does," The Penalizer, a gun-toting vigilante who takes justice into his own hands, Doctor Weird the Wizard Supreme, All-New All-Different Aluminum Guy, Karol Denver as Captain Image, the Doctor Who inspired Chrome Boogieboarder, Risktaking Demon, Matt Angry - Agent of B.A.R.R.I.E.R., and every single comic character created by the original Image founders.


Totally Original Character "Agent America" by Image Founder Rob Liefeld


Here's the official description of the new America Cha-- we mean, Vasquez comic:

You wanted it! You got it! She is a hero for our time — and the time is NOW! A superpowered champion of the oppressed, AMERICA VASQUEZ is the one you've been waiting for! And this may be her greatest adventure of all. When she is confronted with the hidden secrets of the universe, you won't believe the cosmic truth she uncovers! Issue #1 hits — and we do mean HITS — in 2017 from Image Comics!



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