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DC SHOCKER: Jim Lee Unable to Deliver Five Consecutive Issues of Suicide Squad Comic

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, July 20 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

DC SHOCKER: Jim Lee Unable to Deliver Five Consecutive Issues of Suicide Squad Comic

In a move that absolutely nobody saw coming, the DC Co-Publisher will need to scale back his commitment to the monthly comic.

Source: Newsarama

If there's one thing comic book fans would never expect of superstar artist and DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee, it's an inability to deliver the monthly comics he's publicly committed to. It's with that in mind that fans were very excited and not the least bit concerned when Lee announced he would draw the first five issues of DC's Suicide Squad ongoing series. "Ol' Reliable," as fans have taken to calling Lee for his geyser-like commitment to follow-through and timely delivery of promised comics art, thusly shocked the world when he revealed today that he would only be able to deliver twelve to thirteen pages of art per comic for five consecutive monthly issues, with the remaining eight pages filled by new backup stories written by series artist Rob Williams and drawn by Jason Fabok.

"Given how frequently the issues will be coming out, Rob and I were inspired to do a modern take on the old movie serials and deliver super fast paced, high-octane, cliffhanger driven, extended bursts of story every two weeks," Lee rationalized to Newsarama. "The backup features will allow Rob to spotlight individual Squad members and collaborate with a slew of superstar talent to create amazing stories designed to resonate and support the main features."

Lee went on to reveal that the backup features would also allow him to locate a warm, sun-drenched spot on the floor in his office, knead the carpet gently with his claws, and lie down for a nice two-week nap each month. "I'm sorry I let my fans down," Lee purred as dozens of people fainted in shock, additionally noting that the failure to produce full issues of the comic was at least partially a result of "trying to figure out how to fit an unnecessarily high collar onto Harley Quinn's low-cut crop top."

"My paws, they just aren't what they used to be," Lee said as he drank milk out of a dish with his tail upright in the air. "You try drawing that sort of detail without opposable thumbs."

Look for Suicide Squad #1-5 on store shelves monthly beginning August 17, on time, of course - why would anyone even doubt that?



Written by ROB WILLIAMS • Art and cover by JIM LEE, JASON FABOK & SCOTT WILLIAMS • Variant cover by LEE BERMEJO
"The Black Vault" part one! When a mysterious and definitely super-important cosmic item falls out of the heavens and into enemy hands, America has only one option: Task Force X, Amanda Waller's strike team of incarcerated super-criminals. A one-stop-shop for plausibly deniable espionage and ultra- violence, this "Suicide Squad" only handles missions they're not expected to survive. An insane new era of SUICIDE SQUAD begins here with superstar artist Jim Lee and red-hot writer Rob Williams (UNFOLLOW, MARTIAN MANHUNTER).
On sale AUGUST 17 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+

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