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SDCC: Nick Spencer's "The Oath" Will Ask Readers to Pledge to Vote for Hillary Clinton

Written by Jude Terror on Saturday, July 23 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

SDCC: Nick Spencer's

Captain America will set aside his Hydra beliefs to do the right thing and convince Tony and Carol to vote for Hillary, and Spencer hopes you'll do the same.

Source: CBR

At the Cup O' Joe panel at San Diego Comic Con, in which panel attendees are encouraged to drink Mountain Dew infused with the blood of the Marvel Chief Creative Officer as a symbolic ritual that symbolizes taking Marvel into one's body and allowing the publisher to become one with one's bank account, Marvel announced an epilogue to it's Civil War 2 super-mega-crossover event - Civil War 2: The Oath by Nick Spencer with art by Rod Reis. The comic will deal with the aftermath of Civil War 2, in which both Captain Marvel and Iron Man will deal with the effects of their actions during the conflict, and agree to vote for Hillary Clinton in November.

"I feel like this is the culmination of my comics career," said Spencer, who spends about 1% of his time writing comics and 99% of his time tweeting incessantly about politics. "All of my work on Captain America, all my work in the indies before that, 50 issues of Morning Glories without a single plot advancement... it all leads to this, the moment that I show the Marvel readership that even heroes who were violently attacking each other, murdering several other heroes to accomplish their goals, can come together and agree that Hillary Clinton is the person most qualified to be president of the United States."

Spencer then took questions from the crowd, being asked all sorts of things about the event, such as what it would be about, who else might star in it, how many issues it would be, and how much it would cost, but Spencer replied to all of them by shouting about "Bernie bros" and telling them that they were morally obligated to vote for Hillary unless they wanted Donald Trump to be president.

"A vote for anyone but Hillary is a vote for Donald Trump," Spencer told the somewhat confused crowd. "Hashtag I'mWithHer!"

Civil War 2 is set to conclude in October, when Civil War 2: The Oath launches, so expect it sometime in January after the event is inevitably delayed multiple (more) times before then.


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