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Retailer Criticizes Marvel's "Prostate Cancer" Variants

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, July 28 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Retailer Criticizes Marvel's

Undoubtedly, the retailer and all of his customers have been blocked by Dan Slott on Twitter in response.

Source: ICv2

Retailer Robert Scott of Comickaze Comics, Books and More in San Diego had some cutting words for Marvel's recently announced prostate cancer variant covers, and he posted them publicly on ICv2. Scott doesn't believe the variants actually do anything for prostate cancer, though they certainly benefit Marvel, writing, "I can't believe what bad news it is and how revolting I find Marvel's conduct. This is their third trip to the PSA well (also Breast Cancer and Bullying) and I just can't let it lay."

Scott lists the reasons he takes issue with the promotion: that Marvel didn't work with a prostate cancer focused organization, that the message on the variants doesn't actually raise awareness of prostate cancer, that no one will see the message because it's only on variant covers, that retailers need to meet incentives to order the variants, and that seemingly none of the money is going to help prostate cancer. Scott goes on to note that Axel Alonso's new method giving oneself a prostate examination by sticking one's own head up one's ass "isn't even a real thing."

Scott does go on to suggest how Marvel could fix things:

Rewrite the banner text to actually bring awareness to and further increase the survival rate from Prostate Cancer and then put it on every book in September! Failing that, remove any qualifications and allow open orders on the variants, so that we can work within our communities and help spread the word!!


You can read his full explanation here.

The Outhouse cannot confirm the veracity of Scott's claims about whether any money does or does not go to prostate cancer organizations, but we've reached out to Marvel for comment, and we'll update this article if they respond.

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