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New Alex Maleev Iron Man Cover Reveals Upcoming "Crossing" Sequel

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, August 01 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

New Alex Maleev Iron Man Cover Reveals Upcoming

In which we remember simpler times, when quaint events like The Crossing were the worst things to happen to Marvel Comics.

Source: Bleeding Cool

According to a report from Bleeding Cool, Marvel has changed the cover for International Iron Man #6, replacing it with a new Alex Maleev cover that sheds light on the next past storyline to be mined for a rehashed super-mega-crossover event. The cover in question shows a picture of baby Tony Stark:


Though Bleeding Cool rumormonger Rich Johnston suggests that the cover has something to do with Tony Stark's parents, The Outhouse can EXXXCLUSIVELY reveal that this is a clear reference to The Crossing, a 1995 Avengers crossover widely regarded as one of the worst comics ever made, back in a naive era before we really learned how bad editorially-driven super-mega-crossover events could be. In the story, Tony Stark was revealed to be a lifelong bad guy working for Kang (a story point recently ripped off by Nick Spencer for Nazi Captain America), and the Avengers travelled back in time to pluck a teenage Tony Stark from the timestream and introduce him into the Marvel Universe after the elder Stark was killed off.

With two new Iron Mans, Riri Williams and Doctor Doom, taking the mantle after Civil War 2, fans have wondered what will happen to Stark that will cause him to give up the role. Now, we know that the change will occur because Stark will be reverted to a baby in The Crossing 2: You Thought It Was Bad The First Time, setting up yet another super-mega-crossover event to follow later and bring back adult Tony: Secret Onslaught Reborn Reborn War. We'll keep you updated.

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