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'Star Trek: Discovery' Gets Its First Episode Director

Written by sdsichero on Monday, August 01 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

'Star Trek: Discovery' Gets Its First Episode Director

Plus, how long can we expect this series to last?

Source: Discovery First Episode Director Announced

CBS recently revealed that their 2017 Star Trek television series would be titled Star Trek: Discovery and gave a preview of the title ship (though the producers  noted that that may not be its final look). So we have a title, a ship (sort of), probably some stories, what else do we need? Well, a cast for one, but it doesn't seem that CBS is ready to announce that; but they are saying they have a director for the show's first episode.

CBS has recruited director David Semel to helm the first episode of the new series. Samel has directed the pilots for several series, including Madam Secretary, Person of Interest, Heroes, and The Man in the High Castle. Filming on Star Trek: Discovery starts in September and will have 13 episodes in its first season.

david_semel.jpgDavid Semel


There is no news for future episode directors, however one may be jockeying for that role. It seems that the son of David Bowie, the director Duncan Jones (Moon, Warcraft), said that he would "love to do an episode". He tweeted that missed the brainer type of stories that Star Trek: The Next Generation had, and Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller chimed in that those will be covered. That was followed by Jones tease about his willingness. It's not clear how serious an offer it was.

Finally, while we do know that Discovery will run for thirteen episodes in its debut season, we don't know what lies for Star Trek beyond that. However, according to CBS CEO Les Moonves, he is certain that "… the series is gonna go on for a while". Why he is so confident is, according to him, "Star Trek: Discovery,' our new series, is profitable – and we haven't even begun production". This is due in part because of the deals they have made for international distribution.

So we guess we don't need to subscribe to CBS All Access after the first episode debuts on CBS this coming January?


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