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The Tick Shows Off His Less Impressive Butt

Written by Gavin D. on Tuesday, August 02 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

The Tick Shows Off His Less Impressive Butt

Peter Serafinowicz's posterior falls second to the Man of Buns of Steel.

Source: TV Line

After the internet fell to its knees at the glory of Tyler Hoechlin's posterior, Amazon took their shot at but shots with a new image from their Amazon Prime show The Tick, based on the comic and subsequent show of the same name.


It seems that Amazon is going for a more flat butted superhero look with Serafinowicz, whose butt and back are practically identical, blending together seemlessly to allow Serafinowicz to act as an impromptu ironing board. Meanwhile Tyler Hoechlin was sporting a large organic peach, firm enough to be squeezed as much as the heart desires. Here's a side by side for comparisons sake.


Some may argue that the image released by Amazon is entirely unrelated to butts. I, however, must respectfully disagree. It's always about butts.

Here are some other images featuring substantially less buttage.


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