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Brooklynites Upset as Captain America Statue Spoils Atmosphere of Gentrified Neighborhood

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, August 10 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Brooklynites Upset as Captain America Statue Spoils Atmosphere of Gentrified Neighborhood

Doesn't it suck when the place where you live is fundamentally altered by wealthy interests?

Source: NY Post

A thirteen foot statue of Captain America in Brooklyn's Prospect Park has not been well-received by Brooklyn residents who feel it is ruining the neighborhood, according to a report from the New York Post. The statue is only in the park for two weeks before it will be moved to the plaza outside the Barclay center, but green activists say that the spot was designated as commercial-free, and the statue is basically an advertisement for Marvel's movie franchises.

"Are they going to put a McDonald's here, too, and a Walmart?" asked park enthusiast Katie Maitland.

"It's not like Marvel has any relation to this park," added Jakob Carter, who was relaxing on a bench.

"How would you like it if you lived someplace for your entire life, maybe your family has lived there for generations even, and, all of a sudden, outsiders with more money started moving in, setting up their fancy statues where ever they feel like, driving up rents and costs of living, and fundamentally changing the entire area?" asked local resident Angus MacStickenbutt, sipping a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer while twirling his handlebar mustache. "That's what it feels like to have this statue in this park, and I have to say, I really don't care for it."

At press time, a nearby apartment building was being demolished to make way for several artisanal bread shops, a high-end juice bar, electric car charging stations, a hot yoga studio, and a restaurant that sells hand-crafted baked goods for dogs. Residents are hoping the statue will be gone by the time those wonderful projects are completed. We'll keep you updated.



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