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Did DC Dingbat Dan Didio Delete Twitter to Blow Off Blame for Previous Prez Promise?

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, August 11 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Did DC Dingbat Dan Didio Delete Twitter to Blow Off Blame for Previous Prez Promise?

The answer is almost definitely yes.

Source: Comics Bulletin

Back in May, we reported on DC Co-Publisher and Bald-Headed Dingbat Dan Didio's mysterious deleting of his Twitter account. Didio left no clues as to the reason for his departure from social media, other than to post a bizarre picture of a rabbit that could only be taken as solidarity for alleged serial sexual harasser Eddie Berganza, who was at that time the subject of a lot of media attention that has now mostly been forgotten about by the majority of comics news sites.


But today, the real reason for Didio's departure has been revealed, as Chase Magnett over at Comics Bulletin (a site that has recently been reinvigorated with a lot of talented staff) reports on the cancellation of Volume 2 of Prez, which Magnett says contradicts a promise made by Dan Didio himself. Magnett writes:

Prez writer Mark Russell has confirmed on Twitter that the series will be ending with a 12 page "Election Special" this fall. This is the first new information on the series fate since "Corndog-in-Chief", a collection of its first six issues, was released earlier this year. Prez was launched as part of DC Comics' Divergence initiative alongside comics like Starfire and Black Canary. It was announced as a twelve-issue series to be published in two parts. The second part, already plotted by Russell, will not be published even after co-publisher Dan Didio promised it would be.



Prez isn't the first book to be prematurely axed before having a chance to really find an audience. Last year, DC un-cancelled Omega Men after fan outcry, despite originally claiming they would give DC You books a chance to thrive. But Prez, as Magnett reports, was never canceled - just put on hiatus. And then cancelled later, when nobody was paying attention.

The promise Magnett references was made in a tweet by Didio, but that tweet is no longer available, because, as we already know, Dan Didio deleted his Twitter account months ago, in preparation for this day. A broken embed in a Bleeding Cool article is all the evidence left of Didio's lies:



Nice try, Dan, but we're onto you. If we can't trust high-ranking executives at major comic book publishers, who can we trust? Do the right thing, Dan. Reinstate your twitter account and publish Prez Vol. 2.

And also, fire Eddie Berganza.

And stop giving alcohol to bunnies. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?

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