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Add "Being a Dick to a Black Lightning Co-Creator During Cancer Recovery" to the List of Eddie Berganza Allegations

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, August 15 2016 and posted in News with Benefits


Eddie Berganza continues to be employed by DC Comics.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Eddie Berganza.

He's the DC Comics senior editor with multiple sexual harassment allegations made against him who continues to be employed by the company, which is alleged to have set up an unofficial policy of not hiring women to directly report to Berganza in the Superman department.

And now, there's this:

According to a report from Bleeding Cool, which is based on an interview at Comic Creator News, veteran comics artist and Black Lightning co-creator Trevor Von Eeden was commissioned to draw a Black Lightning story written especially for him by Tom King while recovering from cancer in 2014. In the middle of the process, Von Eeden says Eddie Berganza stopped responding to him, though Von Eeden did eventually manage to get paid for the work. From the interview:

First, Harvey Richards (Andy Helfer's Asst. Ed on the LOTDK series, now a full-fledged Editor) had me draw three Hawkman sample pages for Bob Harras' approval, back in Dec. 13—and then promptly refused to return any of my phone calls or emails after being informed of my subsequent diagnosis of cancer in Jan. '14! (I sent him an email reminding him that cancer was not contagious—but don't know if he'd read that one, either...)

Then, shortly after beginning my cancer treatments in Feb. '14, I heard from Eddie Berganza that he was having a Superman/Black Lightning script written for me. Needless to say, I was overjoyed! I finally received the 20 pg. script in October, and began work immediately. Eddie's response to my pencils was quite positive—"Awesome", "great", etc...

However, shortly after my final surgery to remove the cancerous tumor in March of this year (and while I was still in the middle of penciling the job), Eddie also inexplicably chose to stop all communications with me, as soon as DC left New York for Burbank! To this day, I have no idea why—unless he was afraid that I'd lower myself to some sort of physical retaliation had he done the deed while still in NYC(you know how stereotypically violent we black guys are supposed to be...) I can honestly think of no other explanation for his bizarre, and highly unprofessional behavior.

Fortunately, thanks to my contacting Andrew Marino, I was able to finish penciling and inking the job—which I did in four weeks (i.e: the inking), while recuperating from the final surgery—and receive a paycheck for my efforts. To this day, I've still not heard a single word from Eddie Berganza, despite sending him numerous emails.


So Eddie Berganza is, allegedly, a dick? Well, that's no surprise, based on some of the worse allegations about him.

But on the bright side, the comic itself, which addresses police violence against the black community when Black Lightning is shot by cops, looks pretty good, and is more relevant than ever. Well, bright assuming DC publishes it. According to the report, they still plan to, even though they haven't yet.

Since we've basically stolen this entire story from Bleeding Cool, we won't steal their EXXXCLUSIVE images too, so head over there if you want the details. Bleeding Cool obtained the script and some art, and they published some of it over there under "fair use" guidelines. Check 'em out before Rich Johnston receives a cease and desist.

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