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Assault Weapon Dealer Booth Reinstated at Wizard World Chicago

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, August 16 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Assault Weapon Dealer Booth Reinstated at Wizard World Chicago

Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaa! *bang bang bang bang bang bang bang*

Source: Bleeding Cool

Earlier today, we reported that assault weapons dealer DS Arms would not be exhibiting at Wizard World Chicago, based on a statement from Wizard World representative Jerry Milani published on The Comics Reporter explicitly claiming that the company had been disinvited from the event:

A scheduled exhibitor at our upcoming Wizard World Comic Con Chicago event, one which had been included through a third-party partner, was to have displayed and presented imitation, costume Star Wars and other movie/comic type weaponry. But, as it has come to our attention that the organization markets and sells actual, real-life weapons, we have elected to not retain them as an exhibitor at the event.

Wizard World Comic Cons celebrate many facets of pop culture and entertainment. The vast majority of these are suitable for all ages; some are intended solely for adults. We are committed to providing a wide variety of entertainment options within our venue and associated businesses, with safety a top priority.


However, a new report from Bleeding Cool indicates that Wizard World has changed its mind, and the company will indeed be setting up at the con, though they will not have any "real" guns at their booth (which they were never planning on doing).

That's right, true Americans. The second amendment is saved. Let's all celebrate in a manner befitting responsible, law-abiding gun owners like ourselves...


Now that we've got that out of our system, why did Wizard change their minds? Well, know one really knows, though we do have this EXXXCLUSIVE footage from the negotiation between representatives from DS Arms and Wizard World:

Another popular theory is that the original statement sent by Wizard to The Comics Reporter was actually transmitted from an alternate dimension, one where lawmakers enact sensible gun control legislation and comic book conventions don't invite death merchants to exhibit on the show floor (unless they are cast members of the 1974 cult classic film, Death Merchants II: Gun Babes from the Planet Killzonia, in which case that's a totally different story).

Unfortunately, we live in a reality where there will indeed be gun dealers at a comic convention in Chicago, which should be a rousing victory for conservatives, who... spent their entire political convention last month fearmongering about gun violence in Chicago. Don't think about it too hard.

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