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"Powerless" Showrunner Leaves DC Show Over Creative Differences

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, August 16 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Even on TV, DC will be DC.

Source: Deadline

When fans clamor for DC to make its movies and TV shows more like the comics, the company listens, and, apparently, takes things a little too literally. As a result, Powerless showrunner Ben Queen has been driven off the show before its premiere due to "creative differences." Deadline says that the decision for Queen to leave the show is "mutual," which is the show business way of telling people you and your girlfriend both decided to end things when, really, she kicked your ass to the curb because you never want to leave the house, your breath always smells like Limburger cheese, and you wouldn't know where to find the g-spot if your dick had the Google Maps app installed on it.


Anyway, due to the departure, production has been delayed on the series, but Warner Bros. claims its still set to hit the deadline for a mid-season premiere. That is, provided they're able to bring on another showrunner, and they don't piss that showrunner off with their editorial meddling and cause them to leave as well.

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