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Nick Spencer's Punchy-Kicky Superhero Comics Too High-Brow for Average Reader

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, August 17 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Nick Spencer's Punchy-Kicky Superhero Comics Too High-Brow for Average Reader

At some point, you have to consider that the problem might actually be you.

Source: CBR


According to a recent interview with Marvel criticism response platform Comic Book Resources, writer Nick Spencer has expanded his attack on comic book readers. Moving beyond haters who don't read the books and don't understand how comics work, Spencer now claims that "average" comic book readers are unable to grasp the scope of his intellectual story about a Nazi in a skull mask who uses a magical cube to make a man dressed in a flag into a secret Nazi himself. 

"As much hype and discussion the reveal generated, I still don't think the average reader has grasped the scope of the story yet. They think of it as a Captain America story," Spencer said, "but the reality is that the story is going to end up being much, much bigger than that. So ["Civil War II"] 'The Oath' is where we set the stage with that -- my hope is that when people are done with it, they start to see the magnitude of what's occurring, and start to see how all of these things fit together."


Ever since Spencer revealed that Captain America is a secret Nazi, he's been at war with fans on social media and in press interviews, which has seriously distracted the writer from his hundreds of daily tweets about Hillary Clinton. With the election looming, and fans unwilling to admit that, yes, we're all stupid and Spencer's work on a heavily editorially controlled corporate intellectual property is the greatest work of literature of the twenty-first century, Spencer's own grasp on sanity will likely continue to spiral out of control, and there's no telling which broad segment of comic book readers he will attack next in an attempt to paint himself and Marvel as victims of a vast social media conspiracy to say their gimmick-driven comics suck.

Of course, we'll keep you updated on Spencer's mental health and further statements blaming others for not "understanding" his work, never considering that, to find the source of the problem, he might try looking inward.

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