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Peter David Has Been Approached by Netflix About 'Young Justice' Season 3!!! *Updated!

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, August 23 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Peter David Has Been Approached by Netflix About 'Young Justice' Season 3!!! *Updated!

The original creator of Young Justice has been called by Netflix to talk about that cartoon that was also called that. Cause.. reasons? **Updated** Now Peter David is swearing he did not.


Well we haven't had any Young Justice news in awhile. It's still dead in case you're wondering why we haven't. Still, even in death the series just won't quit being in the news. Take today for example as Cosmic Book News unearthed this nugget. 

The man who ACTUALLY created the comic series the cartoon is "semi" based on (he also wrote a few episodes of the actual cartoon too) was asked by a Redditor at Terrific Con why the series was canceled (we already know, but hey someone else has to ask) and if he knew anything of it. Well this is what PAD said:

Young Justice was in fact canceled due to poor toy sales even though very few toys were produced not because lack of views or quality. After seeing the large increase of views on Netflix, Netflix approached him for a 3rd season not long ago, he's hoping for even more seasons after that. He's not a fan of Teen Titans Go!


Okay I just had to put in the last comment cause HA! Why even ask that? Eh, I'm not a fan either, even if it has shown Rose Wilson aka Ravager. So yeah there you go. Now the question is do we keep watching the bloody hell out of the show on Netflix? I guess the answer is still a resounding.. YES!!!


**Update** Young Justice's status is the Schrodinger's cartoon. It exists between a state between canceled and not canceled. We do not know which, nor can we tell for certain. It's entirely hypothetical and it's no doubt eating away at you.

So Peter David  posted this entry on his personal website:

Well, I had lunch with Greg Weisman a few weeks ago, and he said that Netflix is seriously considering ordering a third season because they're impressed with how much people are watching it. So if you want to make it happen, keep on doing that."

That's what I've been saying for the past month, countless times, ever since I had lunch with Greg before San Diego. Seems pretty straightforward.

And suddenly I've been getting barraged with tweets and emails from fans asking me if it's true that I've had a meeting with Netflix about writing the third season. Why? Because someone asked me the question at the recent Terrificon in Connecticut and, rather than report the answer I've given at least a hundred times, he instead provided his own version. I've no doubt it was an innocent mistake, but it's caused a MAJOR headache for me.

Furthermore I'm now worried it could do damage to the cause, because people might think, "We did it! There's gonna be a third season, done deal!" and then stop watching. Which would then cause Netflix to say, "Hunh, people have stopped watching, guess it was just a passing fad," and that's that.

So I will say it once more: It is NOT a done deal. So continue watching "Young Justice" if you want to have a hope of a third season.


There you have it. He did not meet with Netflix, and the entire story is B.S. Save that meeting co-showrunner Greg Weisman a few weeks ago and that HE was the one said that Netflix is considering it over all the attention. 

Will it do damage to this "third" season? We do not know. It's entirely hypothetical it will/will not do anything. But at the moment? It's still dead, and keep watching the show to garner interest.  

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