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Bleeding Cool Covers All Bases with Vague DC Rebirth Rumor

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, August 26 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Bleeding Cool Covers All Bases with Vague DC Rebirth Rumor

The rumormongering website laid out all possibilities for DC's bi-weekly books, ensuring a correct prediction no matter the outcome.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Showing why they're the number one comics website for telling you that they were right about something they reported earlier, Bleeding Cool reported Friday that DC Comics' bi-weekly shipping comic book series would either return to a monthly schedule after six months, continue a bi-weekly schedule if DC changes their mind, or be replaced by other bi-weekly series. The report was widely praised as breaking new ground for the field of rumormongering and bringing the industry one step closer to being able to claim to be right about anything at all that happens ever.

"If DC stops shipping those books twice a month, you 'eard it 'ere first at Bleedin' Cool, you did," boasted lead rumormonger Rich Johnston in a seedy bar near the Bleeding Cool offices in London. "And if they keep shipping 'em, or add new titles to the schedule,well, you 'eard that here first, didn't you?"

"Pip pip," Johnston added, having clearly checkmated the entire comic book industry and media.

Look for DC's double-shipping books to continue, or not, in January, and remember that Bleeding Cool told you one of those things would happen.

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