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In Stunning Brand Equity Coup, Outhouse Claims Unused Assets of CBR, Newsarama

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, August 30 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

In Stunning Brand Equity Coup, Outhouse Claims Unused Assets of CBR, Newsarama

After an initial large pageview run, the alternate versions of The Outhouse will be offered as incentive variant designs.

Source: Newsarama

Following up on last week's relaunch of Comic Book Resources as a clone of rival ComicBook.com, Newsarama has revealed that they too will reboot their site this morning, turning this into a full blown trend. The plans were revealed by a tweet and article announcing teasing the relaunch for "Tuesday AM," though Newsarama appears to use a very loose definition of "morning," since it's almost Noon and the site hasn't updated yet.


As CBR and Newsarama abandon their long-term branding, one site has stepped up to stand for tradition in comics journalism, and that site, of course, is The Outhouse.


"If CBR and Newsarama aren't going to use the graphic identity that made them some of the top comic book websites in the world, then somebody ought to," explained Outhouse webmaster Jude Terror. "Why should all that perfectly good brand equity go to waste?"

As a result, The Outhouse will absorb the assets of the old site from both CBR and Newsarama. In order to retain the trademark on its own branding, The Outhouse will feature the CBR and Newsarama versions as "variant sites" which have a random chance of appearing whenever a user visits The Outhouse. The Newsarama version of the site, House-O-Rama, will run for a few days before moving to variant site status along with the CBR version. And if any other notable comics websites reboot in the near future, The Outhouse will be happy to steal their old look as well.


"If any other comic book websites want to abandon their long time look for a more modern, boring alternative, please let us know, because we'd be happy to take over the graphical aspects that made your site unique before you decided to make it look like the corporate hub for a chain of gas stations," Terror announced. "Comics Alliance? You could use a reboot soon, right? Bleeding Cool? Send your old logos over to us, install "Generic Wordpress Theme #5024," and join the future of the internet while we get rich using your old stuff!"

At press time, Newsarama still had not unveiled their new site, forcing The Outhouse (and others) to unleash a barrage of insulting tweets at them to goad them into hurrying up:


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