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EXXXCLUSIVE: Clone Army of Cullen Bunns to Create Marvel's "MU" Series

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, September 01 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

EXXXCLUSIVE: Clone Army of Cullen Bunns to Create Marvel's

After failing to retain an artist for longer than a day, Bunn decided that if you want something done right, do it with your clone army.

Following a spate of unfortunate disagreements that led to Cullen Bunn losing the artist for his upcoming book, MU, four times in a single week, the genetically engineered superwriter has reportedly decided to teach several of his clones to draw and produce the entire comic himself. The first teaser for MU was released earlier this week, touting a new comic by Bunn and writer Steve McNiven. However, a new teaser was released the next day with McNiven's name gone and Greg Land in its place. Likewise, Land was replaced the next day by Adam Kubert, who was then replaced by Lenil Yu. Marvel's cheaply photoshopped teaser department has worked around the clock to keep up with the turnover, but with Bunn's obedient clone army in place on the book, things should return to stability.

"When we work together, there's nothing we can't accomplish," said a Cullen Bunn who we are pretty sure is the real Cullen Bunn, though the only way to tell for sure is to check a mole on his right buttcheek. "My brothers and I are going to write, pencil, ink, color, letter, produce, and edit the entire comic."

Bunn also revealed that he's considering assigning ten to fifteen clones to run a printing press and print, bind, box, and ship the comic as well, but is hesitant because the clones' genetic makeup becomes unstable around certain chemicals contained in some industrial inks.

"One of them wore a screenprinted t-shirt that was still wet one time, and he went totally nuts, ended up taking a job on Lobo," Bunn explained. "Boy, did I have egg on my face! Of course, I had to have him destroyed."

At press time, Bunn and his clone army planned to reveal more details about the book at a press conference at 6:45PM.


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