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Action Lab Launches Questionable Program to Give Away 5 Million Comics to Kids

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, September 02 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Action Lab Launches Questionable Program to Give Away 5 Million Comics to Kids

What could possibly go wrong?!

Source: Heidi MacDonald on Twitter

According to a report from The Beat's Heidi MacDonald, who took time out of her busy schedule of subtweeting about The Outhouse to visit Baltimore Comic Con and attend the Diamond Retailer Summit, Action Lab Comics has announced an ambitious new plan to give away five million comics to kids in schools. The program will launch in November, with retailers able to order packs of 30 comics for one dollar, which will also come with lesson plans and even a script to help socially awkward comic book guy retailers talk to schools about the program. MacDonald tweeted several photos of the slideshow presentation during her live coverage last night.


It's a great idea to reach new, young readers, and the sort of outreach every comic company should be doing. But while the idea is good, the execution may be a little bit off. According to publisher Bryan Seaton, retailers who opt into the program will gain EXXXCLUSIVE access to the Action Lab Van for delivering the comics to kids at school. The Action Lab Van, a windowless white van with no markings will be available for retailers to park outside of schools and hand out comics to kids.

"Just think about it," Seaton told stunned retailers. "You pull up to the school around 1:45, make sure you're there early, and park near where the kids are let out. Open the side door of the van and display stacks of brightly colored, all-ages comics."


"Children will be lining up outside the van to get their hands on these comics," Seaton continued. "It's a foolproof plan! What could possibly go wrong!"

At press time, Action Lab was considering painting "Free Candy" on the side of the Action Lab van in order to get more kids reading comics. We'll keep you updated.

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