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Everyone at Insight Editions Enthusiastic About New OGN Imprint

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, September 08 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Everyone at Insight Editions Enthusiastic About New OGN Imprint

This, apparently, qualifies as comic book "news."

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In what was basically a press release credited to Chris Arrant on newsarama.jpg, the website formerly known as Newsarama, yesterday, everyone at Insight Editions was reportedly extremely enthusiastic about a new graphic novel imprint being launched by the pop culture book publisher and long-running tabloid television news program.

"Insight Editions is thrilled to launch this new imprint," said Raoul Goff, Insight Editions' CEO/Publisher, despite Arrant's "article" only revealing that the publisher "plans to publish graphic novels with original stories as well as those tying into licensed properties, utilizing "best selling and critically acclaimed foreign writers and artists," noting that no titles or creative teams were named for these projects, or, for that matter, projects themselves.

"What's exciting about this imprint is the incredible production and creative resources that Insight brings to the table," said Senior Editor of Insight Comics and Crocodile Hunter Mark Irwin, who would go on to use a variation of the word "exciting" two more times in the remainder of his two-sentence quote. "It's a very exciting time in comics right now, and Insight's contributions to the field will only increase that excitement."

At press time, visitors to newsarama.jpg's website were advised to avoid staring directly at the site's new logo, the effects of which could include nausea, vomiting, and desire to purchase life insurance by clicking on the website's navigation bar.

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