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'Monster Hunter' Gaming Franchise To Make Leap To The Silver Screen

Written by sdsichero on Thursday, September 15 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

'Monster Hunter' Gaming Franchise To Make Leap To The Silver Screen

Hollywood snares another videogame property

Source: Monster Hunter Hollywood movie announced

The superhero genre has been making some big money for Hollywood studios lately and it seems like the number of them will be expanding even more. So what will be the next source of movies that will be invading movie screens? It might just be videogames.

Yes, we've had Hollywood videogame-based movies on the big screen before, but take a look at just some of the titles that are in the works: Sonic the Hedgehog, more movies based on Sega games (including Altered Beast, Crazy Taxi, Rise of Nightmares, Shinobi, and Streets of Rage), a Tetris Trilogy(!), classic Atari games (including Centipede and Missile Command), and Pokémon. Now we are hearing that another one is in production: Capcom's Monster Hunter.

As implied by its title, in the game you take the role of a hunter… of monsters. The game has you taking on quests to gather resources, and hunt to kill or capture monsters in a pre-industrial fantasy setting. By carving resources from monsters, you can eventually use that to upgrade your weapons and armor. While you can play solo, the larger monsters are best taken on with a group. The first Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter, was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2004 (2005 USA). The franchise is huge in Japan, and is considered a console seller. In the USA it has been a moderate success. The most recent Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter Generations, was released this past July in the USA.

Here's a look at Monster Hunter Generations' opening cinematic. While not how the game actually looks, it's a look at what the movie might possibly feel like:


The Hollywood movie announcement was made by game producer Ryozo Tsujimoto during a Monster Hunter Stories game panel at Tokyo Game Show 2016:

"While it isn't related to Stories, there is a Hollywood movie adaptation of the main series in progress."


Monster Hunter Stories is an upcoming spin-off game (and anime series) in the Monster Hunter franchise. Neither the game nor the anime series have been confirmed for the West (yet). Take a look at the launch trailer for Monster Hunter Stories:


No release date for the movie has been announced.

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