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Toonami to Start at Midnight Once Again!

Written by Zechs on Thursday, September 22 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Toonami to Start at Midnight Once Again!

It was nice while it lasted, but Toonami will be losing its 11:30 pm (ET) slot due to Cartoon Network axing a whole hour of Adult Swim programming Bore it, given it's the Holidays, and they need to fill more slots for Teen Titans Go! I kid. I kid.. OR DO I?!

Well it was a fun, brief ride but Toonami airing a half-hour early at 11:30 pm (Eastern Time) is ending on October 1st. They announced the move itself on their Facebook page. The reason is because Cartoon Network is slashing an hour of Adult Swim programming which usually airs at 8 pm (ET). There's a slight chance the adult animation block could regain the time slots in January, given the move seems probably just to push holiday-related material down our throats (or worse live-action movies). 

The good news at the very least is the program which is filling the slot, Dragon Ball Z Kai, is almost near its end (then again there's always Dragon Ball Super on the possible horizon). So really, it isn't much of a loss, nor is this as brutal as last year, when an entire hour was removed from Toonami. So we still got two and a half hours of glorious animated action. 

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