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Comic Book Legend Revealed: Did CBR Castoffs "Comics Should Be Good" Launch a New Site Called "Atomic Junk Shop?"

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, October 03 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Comic Book Legend Revealed: Did CBR Castoffs

They were so integrated into the new CBR they integrated into their own, separate website.

Source: Press Release

When Eisner-award winning website Comic Book Resources relaunched in order to better emulate a used car dealership earlier this year, a lot of people noticed that the site's sub-blogs, including Robot 6 and Comics Should Be Good, appeared to be missing from the new version of the website. At the time, Managing Editor and soulless revenant Albert Ching promised that the blogs weren't gone; their content would be integrated into the site's existing mix of clickbait and listicles through the authors' bio pages, which would surely make them more a part of CBR than ever before. That worked out so well, it turns out, that the folks from Comics Should Be Good have apparently launched their own new site, according to a press releases they sent us this morning under the belief that any publicity is good publicity, even a good old fashioned thrashing from The Outhouse.


The Atomic Junk Shop ( ) is a new blog focused on spotlighting the best that pop culture has to offer, whether that's the great new comics coming out every week at your local shop, or the neat old stuff that's still found in vintage shops and on eBay. Think of us as the bookshop owner that can trace the history of a genre, a record shop clerk that can point out the influences of your favorite bands, the person at the comic store register that can tell you all about the run of comics that you're sure to love based on what's in your pull box.


If we think of you like that, we'll hate you, because those people are obnoxious douchebags. Still, it's good to see people landing on their feet after Jonah Weiland's lucrative exit scheme, even if it's not exactly our cup of tea. The release continues:

"We're sharing stuff we like, and if it's something that's new to you, you're one of today's lucky ones," says co-founder Jim MacQuarrie.

We're not opposed to the flood of the new, but we do also wish to take the time to stop and appreciate the junk culture foundation that modern nerd fandom is based on. You'll find the old and the new and the forgotten and the unearthed here at the Atomic Junk Shop.


It's like they're a polar opposite Outhouse. We usher in "the new" as quickly as possible, only to turn on it moments later for not being "new" enough, and we would be remiss in not pointing out that everything old is incredibly racist, sexist, and homophobic - history has not been kind to comics, is all we're saying. Still, if abrasive positivity and sickening nostalgia is your thing, Atomic Junk Shop looks like the place to be.

The Atomic Junk Shop is co-founded and operated by Greg Hatcher, Greg Burgas (both former writers for Comics Should Be Good/CBR), Jim MacQuarrie (designer of the old CBR logo and writer for GeekDad), Travis Pelkie (co-writer of Flippin' Through Previews, which will be featured monthly at the Atomic Junk Shop, formerly of CSBG), John Trumbull (stand-up comedian in the NYC area, cartoonist, and writer for Back Issue magazine from TwoMorrows Publishing, he will be writing Crisis on Earth-T, a regular column about geek culture), Spencer Keane (grandson of Bil Keane, the creator of The Family Circus comic strip, and the son of its current artist, Jeff Keane, and nephew of legendary Disney animator Glen Keane, Spencer will be writing the column WTF?! Toys), Al Kennedy (the House to Astonish podcast with Paul O'Brien, which will be among our regular features), and Toni Adams (writer for FangirlNation)


Hey Jim - thanks for the logo!

Check out Atomic Junk Shop, if you're so inclined, here.

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