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NYCC: What Did Peter David Say About Romani People at the LGBT X-Men Panel?

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, October 07 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

NYCC: What Did Peter David Say About Romani People at the LGBT X-Men Panel?

No, seriously. We're asking.

Source: Twitter

According to conflicting reports, superstar writer Peter David may or may not have made disparaging remarks about Romani people at a New York Comic Con panel focused on diversity. According to Newsarama's coverage of the LGBT X-Men panel:


But according to Newsarama writer Pierce Lydon, who is the author of the above coverage, on Twitter:


...which is totally different from negative comments about the portrayal of Romani people. Also, um, wow.

In light of this confusion, we ask that any of our readers who attended the panel help us clarify this matter. Thanks!


UPDATE: It looks like Peter David told a similar story in 1993 in his Comics Buyer's Guide column, reprinted six years ago on his blog.

UPDATE: Elana Levin has posted a more detailed account of the LGBT X-Men panel incident at The Beat, corroborating the tweet posted above.

UPDATE: Video of the incident has surfaced on YouTube.

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