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AT&T In Talks to Buy Warner Bros, Will Get Ripped Off

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, October 21 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

AT&T In Talks to Buy Warner Bros, Will Get Ripped Off

Get away now, AT&T, before it's too late!

Source: CBR

According to a report from Comic Book Resources, telecommunications corporation AT&T is negotiating to purchase Time Warner, the parent company of DC Entertainment. CBR points out some of what AT&T will get out of the deal:

A deal, which would have to meet with the approval of federal regulators, would give AT&T control of not only DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.' film, television and interactive units, but also Hanna-Barbera Productions and cable networks like HBO, CNN and Cartoon Network. In addition, Time Warner jointly owns The CW with CBS.


However, they fail to mention that the deal will come with DC Entertainment executives like Dan Didio, Geoff Johns, and Diane Nelson, cinematic universe masterminds like Zack Snyder, and alleged sexual harassers like Eddie Berganza. So honestly, AT&T, they should be the ones paying you.

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