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Walking Dead Launches New Site in Honor of New Season

Written by Gavin D. on Monday, October 24 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Walking Dead Launches New Site in Honor of New Season

The site harkens back to the show's roots with the simple URL


In celebration of the show's seventh season premiere, AMC has launched a brand new website which focuses solely on The Walking Dead. The site serves to function as an outlet of interviews and speculation for the popular drama and plans to mention the source material once every six articles and as such has been named The site also writes articles about things that are not necessarily pertinent to The Walking Dead, similar to the way that the show explores sub-plots that exist solely to fill time. looks to bring fans quality think pieces like "Will Rick Kill Negan?" and "Where are Carol and Morgan?" The site also  addresses moments from the comic that have not occurred in the show yet, like the time Rick Grimes lost his hand, a topic that has never been discussed openly online.

It is unknown at this time whether or not the site will have a follow up program which spends its time recapping what the main site said. Perhaps one with lame jokes and an unexplained enthusiasm for pop culture journalism... oh... wait... damn it.

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