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GWAR Launches Comic Kickstarter: An Interview With Puny Human Co-Writer Matt Miner

Written by Tim Midura on Thursday, October 27 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

GWAR Launches Comic Kickstarter: An Interview With Puny Human Co-Writer Matt Miner

Rewards include original art, stage-used props, and tattoos.

Source: Gwar Kickstarter

GWAR are near-ageless chaos warriors who were banished to Earth, basing themselves in Antarctica. They've been playing music since 1984. Matt Miner is an American comic book writer known for Liberator, Toe Tag Riot, and Critical Hit.


Straight outta Antarctica, come along for a ride with heavy metal Gods of Gore and masters of all that lives GWAR, as they bumble their way through time, making friends, killing friends, and drowning the entire human timeline in blood, bile, and, err . . . other fluids, explaining once and for all the question on everyone's minds: "How the hell did we get here, and why is everything so damn effed up?!"

It's gonna be a bloodbath, a royal rumble, and the touching story of a boy and the dead dog he loves all rolled up into the awesomest and most violently vulgar time-travel comic story to ever grace your pathetic human eyeballs!


TM: GWAR are accomplished writers in their own right. Why would they need you to help them write their comic?

MM: Yeah, they're super talented writers and they probably don't need me, per se, but I have the time and the passion and the drive to bring GWAR comics to market, so I approached them last November and we went from there. They actually ARE collaborating with me on the entire story, plus providing art and backups to every issue, so they're deeply involved in all aspects of creating the ORGASMAGEDDON comics.



Standard cover art by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, color by Josh Jensen


TM: GWAR are barbaric interplanetary warriors. Will the comic help to exploit their various conquests?

MM: The comic is a "Gwar through time" type adventure, so think of it like Bill and Ted's, but if Bill and Ted went on a massive bath salts bender, told even worse jokes, and killed everyone who annoyed them in a torrent of gore and timeline-fuckery. Though, the Bill & Ted "Iron Maiden" joke from the second movie is still pretty great. The book is going to be a fun romp through time told through the lens of the most infamous shock-rock heavy metal band of all time – it's gonna be a freakin' blast.

TM: Orgasmageddon is a time travel story. Will previous band members make appearances?

MM: Anything's possible! No promises, but it would seem weird if we don't pay homage to GWAR's past in some way. I can tell you that the main story focuses on the current lineup, but Slymenstra Hymen is in the book for sure, and .. you know, it's a time travel book, so... anything's possible. I maybe wanna see if they'll let us use Scroda Moon, the most hated of all GWAR characters. Dude looks like the old Burger King "Mac Tonight" guy but has a scrotum for a chin. God I love GWAR.



Make America GWAR Again Kickstarter variant art by Christian DiBari, color by Mike Spicer, design by Taylor Esposito


TM: How much modelling did the band members have to do for Jonathan to get their likenesses right?

MM: We're poor as hell, so trips to Antactica (or Richmond, VA) are out of our price range. Jonathan was limited to basing his drawings on pictures in photocopied zines from the 90s (and the internet).

TM: Did GWAR ever come back to Marissa and say "not bloody enough" or "not jizzy enough"?

MM: If they ever do that then I'll have failed, as a writer and a lover of all things GWAR, to convey the proper amount of jizz and blood (and whatever other crap that comes out of our bodies) needed to the art team. I encouraged everyone to think of movies like LADY SNOWBLOOD and SHOGUN ASSASIN when trying to decide how bloody things should be. I think the Japanese samurai grindhouse cinema levels are about right, don't you?



Wraparound cover art and color by Matt Maguire (Sawborg Destructo, from GWAR)


TM: The members of GWAR are contributing to the comic, starting with Bonesnapper The Cave Troll and Sawborg Destructo. How can they find the time despite their constant warring?

MM: We keep them separated on other sides of the room. Bonesnapper's easy enough to distract with shiny objects and with Sawborg we just keep promising that GWAR will rejoin him and The Master in the holy jihad as soon as he's done drawing. Dummy believes it every time!

TM: There are an insane amount of Kickstarter rewards. Which ones are your favorites?

MM: Personally, I think the posters signed by Oderus Urungus, the option to be drawn into the book and KILLED BY GWAR, and the stage-used decapitated Mitt Romney head are all pretty dope rewards at the top of my list but I may only be saying that because those things are expensive as hell. What, you expected me to say "Hey, the digital comics value option is great!"? Hah!

TM: Finally, how many orgasms and how much Armageddon will there be?

MM: 69 and 58008, respectively.


As of this writing, the Kickstarter has raised over $24,000 of the $39,000 goal, with 29 days left to go. Check out the Kickstarter for additional preview pages and the in depth rewards.


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