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Painting of Cartoon Woman's Vagina Is Milestone in Fight Against "Censorship"

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, October 31 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Painting of Cartoon Woman's Vagina Is Milestone in Fight Against

Milo Manara and Frank Cho are keeping it classy as always.

Source: Bleeding Cool

In a shocking development, superstar artists and freedom fighters Frank Cho and Milo Manara behaved in a manner befitting two grown men with the utmost respect for women at an Italian comic con panel this weekend, putting to rest any fears that the whole thing would be a terribly misguided attempt to frame objectifying women as anti-censorship protest. The event went off without a hitch, without even a single attempt to make the spurious argument that criticism of art is itself an impingement on free expression and that a commercial publisher's decision not to print a piece of art on the cover of a mass-produced magazine is a clear example of censorship. When all was said and done, it was clear that the international comics community as a whole had reached an unprecedented level of maturity that marked a new era of mutual respect and understanding for each other. 

Just kidding.

Manara made a watercolor painting of Spider-Woman's vagina and butthole and presented it to Cho as an award that Bleeding Cool describes as "in appreciation for fighting censorship," sparking widespread approval from emotionally stunted man-children across the internet. Though the image is reprinted below, please remember that this article, by being critical of it, is an example of the vilest censorship and should be protested by calling me an SJW in the comments section. Unfortunately for you, I'm out of here in a few hours, so I'm unlikely to pay any attention to your calls to fight censorship by censoring my free speech. You have fun with that though.

Here's the most realistic vagina many of you are likely to ever see. Enjoy.


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