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Dan Jurgens Insults Millennials and Veterans With PTSD; Apologizes To Veterans

Written by GHERU on Thursday, November 10 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Dan Jurgens Insults Millennials and Veterans With PTSD; Apologizes To Veterans

"And proceeds to dig a bigger hole."

Source: Twitter

Action Comics writer and creator of Booster Gold, Dan Jurgens, had some tough words for millennials and other distraught activists on Twitter:



The now deleted tweet was quickly and widely criticized as being insensitive to those veterans who are in need of counseling due to PTSD and other traumas arising from the lack of mental health services available to our veterans.



Jurgens immediately apologized stating that his "Poorly worded tweet that has nothing to do with PTSD, plight of vets or anything else along those lines." Jurgens goes on to explain that the...



Although seemingly sincere in his apology to veterans suffering from PTSD many on twitter took even more umbrage with Jurgens moral high ground of rolling up their sleeves to "effect change" noting that as the current writer of Action Comics he is firmly in the Superman family of books which is overseen by Superman group editor and alleged sexual harasser Eddie Berganza.








Mr. Jurgens reportedly resounded to calls for him to effect change in his world by sticking his fingers in his years while signings "La la la! I can't here you!" even though he is reading these things on Twitter and "I can't hear you" makes no sense.

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