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More Action In New 'Justice League Action' Clips

Written by sdsichero on Thursday, November 10 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

More Action In New 'Justice League Action' Clips

Including dance action

Source: New Justice League Action Clips Show Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman Getting Their Dance On

Justice League Action is the newestJustice League cartoon, and is slated to hit Cartoon Network this Fall. We've already seen the trailer for Justice League Action, giving us an idea of the style and just how many characters will be in the new series. Now we have a few more clips from the show to give you a better idea of what you'll see.

The first clip features the best Batman (Kevin Conroy), facing off against Carmine Falcone (Jason J. Lewis), plus Chronos (voice unidentified, but boy is he hamming it up) and Blue Beetle (voice also unidentified):


This clip has the best Joker (Mark Hamill) going up against Mongul (!) (voice unidentified), with appearances by Batman, Flash (unidentified), and Superman (Jason J. Lewis again):


Finally, you can take Cyborg out of Teen Titans Go!, but you apparently can't take the Teen Titans Go! out of Cyborg. He (Khary Payton) along with Wonder Woman (Rachel Kimsey), Batman, and Superman are in the clutches of the Toyman (Ken Jeong). Surprised that Cyborg didn't do the robot…


 Looks like Spider-Man might have some competition

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