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BOOM! Elected October Winner Despite Marvel's Victory in the Popular Vote

on Friday, November 11 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Boom Elected October Winner Despite Marvel's Victory in the Popular Vote

Loot Crate interference is suspected by Feds.

Source: Newsarama

Discomfort has swept the nation as Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York has been elected to the top spot in the Diamond Sales Chart. This comes despite Marvel winning the popular vote by thousands of issues sold. While many Americans come to grips with the fact that more people read BOOM! books, or just don't mind the concept of underpaid artists, than they initially expected.

Mean while Federal Investigators have issued a statement claiming that Loot Crate may have had some interference with the results. According to the statement, Loot Crate did not interfere with vendors, but instead directly purchased tens of thousands of copies of the book for their own mystery box promotional system. The move is said to benefit Loot Crate's interests as BOOM! holds a deep respect for Loot Crate and its leaders.

At this time Marvel has concede the month's top spot to BOOM!, saying it will work alongside as long as they keep DC out of the top spot citing "Mr. Alonso would like to keep his job and things haven't been looking too good."


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