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Nintendo Classic Causing Mass Hysteria of Overpaying for Product!

Written by Zechs on Saturday, November 12 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Nintendo Classic Causing Mass Hysteria of Overpaying for Product!

Did you get your Nintendo Classic today? No? Well I hope you have over $300 ready or want to drop over $900 for a system that has games that are over thirty years old.

Today marked the release of the Nintendo Classic and if you didn't have work today, all you were more than likely met with utter disappoint in not getting one. Given that I am a sucker for old-school gaming I decided to checkout eight stores today just to see if they had any in stock, how many they did have in stock, and ask of the turn-out.

Not surprisingly the answer I got was the following answers:

- No, we don't have them in stock any longer. We sold out of them five minutes after opening the store.

- Six being the lowest one store had in stock to ten being the largest. 

- Fifty being the maximum of people waiting in line at one store. 

- One store gave out tickets to the masses waiting for one and raffled them out in a blind lottery. 

None of the stores were prepared for the massive turnout for the product. Though one group of sellers did and are reaping the benefits now on Ebay: scalpers. One seller in particular sold the system FOR OVER $910!!! If that link is unavailable here's the screen-cap of the absurd prices one is buying for it:


The amount of money that people are throwing at this product is just astounding and rather insane. Besides that ridiclous price that was thrown out most sellers are asking for a moderate sum of $248 for this. Some systems have gotten away at this price. 

Now I myself do want one. How can I not? 30 NES games for $69? That's already superior than the shit games we're paying for basically a half ported game currently on the market.  I'm not gonna throw this amount of dough done for this. I already got a Retro Duo which can play NES and SNES games on a Flat Screen and looks rather great on it (and hey it's only $38 on Amazon right now!).  Seriously, if you already have NES or SNES games you could do worse than getting one of these. 

20160830 123730

Anyway, after going to eight stores and finding 0 Nintendo Classics. I decided to end my search. UNTIL, I heard that Amazon would be releasing a stock of them at 2:00 pm (PT). I thought, what the hell.. let's see how NASTY it can be. 

And it did...

nasty-boys-2 6

Wait... It didn't get THAT kind of nasty. But it did get pretty nasty. At 2:05 pm (PT) Amazon changed their listing from unavailable to available.. and that lasted about ten seconds before...



Yeah, absolute crashing. A friend of mine said that they saw a brief glimpse of heaven before adding it to their cart and getting absolutely NOTHING in it. As he put it, "Did they have freaking only 10 in supply?!"  I would have to agree with that assessment.

Though deep down you know what's coming up in two weeks. An event that'll probably have an assortment of this sought-after product, but you'll have to fight for it. Because that's what companies and retailers do. They'll lure you out into going to their stores on the blackest of all Friday's, Black Friday for deals you can't pass. Where humanity will be even worse than it was earlier this week. Where this is a common scene:



Of course any reasonable person can wait until probably after Christmas when Nintendo Classic will be easy to get in stock. That's what I'm going to do. What you should do or find alternatives (I hear the Sega Genesis lives again). All I'm saying is do you really think shelling out three or five times as much it was originally going for sit well with you later next month or two months from now? When obviously this product which is just worth $69 or maybe even less by then. I'm just saying right now, paying over $300 for something not worth that price? So not worth it. 



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