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CBS Executive Says Star Trek Doesn't Belong On Broadcast

Written by Tim Midura on Tuesday, November 15 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

CBS Executive Says Star Trek Doesn't Belong On Broadcast

Says sci-fi doesn't do well, before launching its eighth iteration.

Source: Recode

On the latest episode of Recode Media with Peter KafkaCBS Interactive CEO Jim Lanzone relayed his views that Star Trek isn't for television.

"Sci-fi is not something that has traditionally done really well on broadcast. It's not impossible, for the future, if somebody figures it out. But historically, a show like 'Star Trek' wouldn't necessarily be a broadcast show, at this point."

He says right before CBS is set to launch the eighth version of Star Trek, following four tv series, an animated series, the new reboot trilogy, and the prequel series Enterprise. The world clearly doesn't want science fiction on television, despite the long-running Doctor Who, and the recent The X-Files relaunch. A small property like Star Trek doesn't stand a chance in a modern market.

But more importantly, bringing Star Trek opens up newer, bolder frontiers.

"The showrunners were like 'Oh yeah, we could do that,'" Lanzone recalled. "Of course, the response is, 'As long as it serves the story.' But yeah!"

"Naked aliens, and humans?" Kafka asked.


I think it's obvious Lanzone just wants to see Kirk, or any new captain, raw dogging that space strange.

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