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Stephanie Brown's Run as Batgirl Back on the Trade Block in 2017!

Written by Zechs on Thursday, December 01 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Stephanie Brown's Run as Batgirl Back on the Trade Block in 2017!

The series written by Bryan Q. Miller is getting a trade re-release FINALLY in 2017.

During the "New 52" years,  it was a tragic time to be a fan of any Batgirl not named Barbara Gordon at DC Comics. Certain (or in the later's case ALL) trades of Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown were worth more than buying the single issues from the series together. If I recall right one trade of the later's series used to go for close to $70, and that comic was published just  five years ago (What the hell DC)! Thankfully, since then the market has somewhat cooled on the pair's runs.  

One of those reasons is that earlier this year, DC began releasing full-on portions of Cassandra's ongoing again in trade form. This time the new trades having better quality paper, be in the correct order (a flaw volumes 3 and 4 of her trades had for some odd reason), and THE ENTIRE RUN that Kelley Puckett/Damion Scott had on the series (the final trade of their run will be out next month). The only question regarding that is will DC continue given Dylan Horrocks' run was NEVER collected in trade form (save the crossovers the series had with "War Games" event)? I guess we'll find out about that either later this or next month. 

What we do know is, come June 20, 2017, it finally seems that Bryan Q. Miller's entire run on  Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) is also FINALLY getting a re-release. The first volume will collect #1-13 and go for $29.99 (it's Amazon it'll be cheaper eventually).  

It stands to reason a volume 2 collecting #14-24, and Bruce Wayne: The Road Home: Batgirl #1 could be out in the later half of 2017. But that's just my own theories, and not any facts (we probably won't even know till the early summer of that year).

Regardless, be happy fans of Stephanie Brown. Her ongoing will FINALLY be easier to buy. That I need to since I own the previous volumes, and there was nothing wrong with them, unlike Cassandra's. 


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