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X-O Manowar To Relaunch In March With Matt Kindt At The Helm

Written by Tim Midura on Monday, December 05 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

X-O Manowar To Relaunch In March With Matt Kindt At The Helm

And X-O gets a new Power Rangers helmet!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

After releasing a misleading teaser image last week, Valiant Entertainment went to a mainstream news outlet, Entertainment Weekly, to try to legitimize funny books and push their groundbreaking superhero-goes-to-space story, X-O Manowar, now written by Matt Kindt, with interiors by Tomas Giorello

X-O Manowar is a 5th-century Visigoth warrior named Aric ripped from his own time, brought to the present and bonded with a high-tech suit of robotic armor. Robert Venditti previously wrote the character for 50 issues, starting in 2012. 

Just don't settle in on the artist quite yet though, Valiant Editor-In-Chief Warren Simons dances around the decision behind having five artists over the course of 13 issues.

Tomas Giorello is starting the series for us with the first arc of issues 1-3, "Soldier." Tomas is one of the finest artists working in comics today. When the first pages came in, I just replied to Tomas with laughter because they were so genius. Issues 4-6 is Doug Braithwaite. He's a fantastic storyteller, the kind of artist you can give a 15-panel page to, and he'll bring it back perfect. That's the "General" arc where we see Aric begin to rise through the ranks in the army, and starts dealing with politics a little bit more. After that is issues 7-9, "Emperor," by Clayton Crain, a digital painter. After that, we have issue 10, an interlude from Ryan Bodenheim, who puts an extraordinary level of detail on every single one of his pages. Mico Suayan is gonna finish up the year with the post-Emperor arc, "Visigoth," issues 11-13.

X-O Manowar interior images by Tomas Giorello.


X-O Manowar #1 cover by Lewis LaRosa

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