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Comic Book News Sites Jumping To Conclusions Over Possible Frank Miller WW II-related Project From DC.

Written by Juan Cena on Tuesday, December 06 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Comic Book News Sites Jumping To Conclusions Over Possible Frank Miller WW II-related Project From DC.

Online comics news sites jumping to conclusions over possible Frank Miller project involving DC "heroes from World War Two."

Source: Bleeding Cool

The comic book news site world is jumping over itself to jump to conclusions about a possible new DC project from Frank Miller

In an article published by Omelete, a Portuguese-language pop culture website based in Brazil, Miller told the audience at a convention in Sao Paulo, Brazil over the weekend that he was in talks with DC Comics about a possible project involving the publisher's "World War II era heroes." 

"Tenho uma fixação pela Segunda Guerra Mundial e estou conversando com a DC sobre um projeto com os heróis deles naquela época."

A translation provided by some dude named Jude Terror over at Bleeding Cool provided a translation of the quote into English. 

"I have a fixation with World War II and I'm talking to DC on a project with their heroes at that time." 

Immediately, the comic book news site works quickly began speculating that this would be a comic about DC's super-hero characters from the WW II era. 

Newsarama ran with the headlne "FRANK MILLER In Talks for DC WORLD WAR II Superhero Title." And yes, it did put those words in all capital letter. Intentionally, even.

Back at Bleeding Cool, Jude Terror asked the question "So which World War 2 era heroes do you want to get the grim and gritty, prostitute-obsessed Frank Miller treatment? Also, aren't the World War 2 era heroes basically still the mainstream DC heroes?" 

Apparently, some in the comic book web site world are jumping the gun in proclaiming Miller's proposed project as involving Golden Age DC superheroes like the Justice Society of America. Miller said "heroes," not "superheroes," remember. 

No one except us here over at The Outhouse stopped for a moment to ask "Hey, is Miller talking about characters like the 1940-era Batman and Superman, or does he mean the characters from DC's war comics like Sgt. Rock or The Unknown Soldier? You know, these guys:  


So apparently the comic book news site world forgot that DC has a history of publishing comics about World War II that did not involved super-heroes. It doesn't hurt to take a second and say "hey, wait a minute" before rushing to put out a story, fellas. 

Super-heroes or no super-heroes, is Frank Miller doing a story set in WWII a good thing or a bad thing?  Be afraid, be very afraid. 

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