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Shitty Show on Adult Swim Canceled Due to It Being Really Shitty

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, December 06 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Shitty Show on Adult Swim Canceled Due to It Being Really Shitty

Adult Swim announced today that they have canned the controversial Million Dollar Extreme after one season.

Source: Adult Swim Cancels Its “Alt-Right” Show ‘Million Dollar Extreme’

Though I still wait in a corner with baited breath for whenever the hell we get the news of Rick & Morty Season 3, here's another bit of welcome news via Adult Swim. Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace, the shitty racist show that aired this past summer on the adult block of programming and made by shitty racist people, will not be returning next year. Given that it was a shitty racist show and finally Adult Swim conceded to that fact at last (Splitsider are the ones who broke the news and went deeper asking staff the month prior to the cancellation announcement on why the show was still lingering). 

The fact that it was a shitty racist program only heightened my own distaste over it when just a few months ago Adult Swim did a poll of which show would you want it to bring back it,  Korgoth of Barbaria, and some other program. It won by a landside only made me seethe with hatred for it more. Anyway, if you're going to look for me to post a clip of this shitty racist show I'm not gonna do it, due to it being a shitty racist show.

It seems those even within Adult Swim itself people were divided about it. Just this past month, Brett Gelman had left the company not only the possibly of that show being renewed but Adult Swim's treatment of women. Though to be fair Adult Swim was barely giving the show any promotion on it's own website save a single clip on their You Tube channel, and as of this moment it has been removed.  There are clips still available online, but I'm not gonna post any here given that it is a shitty racist show that deserves this so very much. 

So goodbye you damn shitty racist show. May something better replace you on the network. 

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