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Greg Weisman Wants YOU to Petition for a New Young Justice Comic!

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, December 14 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Greg Weisman Wants YOU to Petition for a New Young Justice Comic!

Since you know it worked so well getting the series back, WHY STOP THERE?! Bring back the comic too! Me being ruler of the entire world! Let it all be

We want more Young Justice. We loved the show and the comic. It's a natural fact of life. Well, we all know one part of the show is coming back. WHY STOP THERE? WHY NOT BRING THE OTHER PART BACK TOO?!  Co-creator of the series (and writer of the comic) Greg Weisman wants the comic back too in a recent blog post. Here's what he had to say:

Brandon Vietti and I are hard at work on Season Three of the Young Justice television series. But (a) we just got started and (2) making animated episodes takes a LONG time. (Ten months minimum. MINIMUM.)

So, if you want more new YJ stories sooner, the answer is pretty simple. Artist Christopher Jones and I are chomping at the bit to make more YOUNG JUSTICE stories in comic book form. Producing a comic book takes considerably less time than producing television episodes,so if we got a green light on a comic book series now, you could theoretically have new stories in a matter of months.

So the question is how do we get the green light for more YJ comic?. And the answer to that is pretty simple too. We just need to convince DC Comics that there's a market for YJ comics even before the third season premieres.

Which begs the next question: How do we convince DC of that?

And the answer is again simple. BUY THE COMICS THAT ALREADY EXIST!

Issues #0 - #25 of our companion YJ comic have been collected into four trade paperbacks. (And ALL of these stories are canon to the series, with time stamps and everything. In fact, stuff in Season Three will play off of stuff from Seasons One and Two AND from the comics.) The best way to show DC that you want more comics is to purchase these stories electronically on the DC APP, on COMIXOLOGY, or on iTUNES.

Now, I'm an old school guy, and I love having actual hard copies to hold in my hand. Unfortunately, the books are all out of print. So if you do find hard copies online or in a store, those are secondary sales, and DC won't know about them. So you need to buy them electronically. Put money in DC's pocket and they'll want more of that green. Buy a lot of YJ comics and it just follows that they'll order up more YJ comics.

If you already have those issues, give them as holiday gifts. And in any case, help us SPREAD THE WORD!

It's just logic. The more the existing comics sell, the more DC will want to make more. And if more sell fast enough, you'll be getting more YJ stories sooner!

Other means besides the one Mr. Weisman suggested is you know ask DC Comics itself too. Pester them like you did before on wanting a YJ comic when the series was originally cancelled. You keep poking the horse they'll have to give an official answer or cave. Of course this method is not recommended, or sponsored by the creators, but it couldn't hurt. 

Basically it sounds like Mr. Weisman is saying, "KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DID BUT APPLY IT TO THE COMICS NOW!" So you can do that can't you? He's right too. The comic filled all the gaps and expanded on the stories alluded or told in the cartoon. So it is fully cannon. Which would mean instead of waiting another year or two for new YJ stuff. We could be getting it even sooner via this comic. Elements and new characters introduced that'll be on the show. That is the most enticing offer of all (I wants more of Stephanie Brown, the Jason Todd memorial, and Deadshot. MORE YOUNG JUSTICE DEADSHOT!!).  

Now GET TO IT!   



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