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Reset: The Legend Of Wonder Woman Cancelled Over Tweets

Written by Tim Midura on Friday, December 16 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Reset: The Legend Of Wonder Woman Cancelled Over Tweets

The cancellation comes halfway through production.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Yesterday, Renae de Liz, writer and artist on The Legend of Wonder Woman, tweeted that the book was cancelled halfway through production.



The Mary Sue ran an article yesterday regarding Kevin Grevioux's The Odyssey Of The Amazons and asked whether or not the gender of the creator matters because de Liz claims to have pitched a similar book with no luck. The tweets have been since deleted from The Mary Sue's article, but Google Cache kept it.

I've been pitching this idea for years. :( –> Kevin Grevioux will write the untold story of #WonderWoman's Amazons

— Renae De Liz (@RenaeDeLiz) December 13, 2016

Happy Amazons get a series of course, they deserve it. But I felt I could have added a lot as a female creator.

— Renae De Liz (@RenaeDeLiz) December 13, 2016


De Liz's husband Ray Dillon reportedly had some harsher words for DC, which were also now deleted, but some were recovered.


While the above is in direct response to The Legend of Amazons, Dillon had a history of tweeting about his issues with Wonder Woman.





De Liz and Dillon have since launched a GoFundMe to help support them through the holidays.

My name is Renae De Liz, comic book writer and artist, recently of Legend of Wonder Woman. Right before the Holidays I was informed the project Ray Dillon (my husband) and I were working on was unfortunately cancelled. The finances we were expecting from the project through the New Year won't be coming, so we are left scrambling trying to find a way to support our family through the Holidays, and through this unexpected upheaval to more secure ground.

Comics have always skewed towards male writers and it's a serious problem in the industry. It needs to change. Reset the counter.

Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool said it best:

There have been other examples of this. When iZombie creator Chris Roberson criticised DC Comics on Twitter for commissioning the Before Watchmen series, he was instantly removed from writing the Fables Cinderella comic.

When Dwayne McDuffie talked about the ins and outs of writing superhero comics for DC on their message boards, he was fired off Justice League Of America.

When John Layman talked about the micromanagement of The Authority comic by Paul Levitz, his feet didn't touch the ground.

When James Robinson was fired off Superman after a personal issue with a DC executive before the lawyers pointed out that they couldn't actually do that.

And Eddie Berganza... no, wait, he's still there.

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