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Marvel Not at the New Scarlet Spider!

Written by Zechs on Monday, January 09 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel Not at the New Scarlet Spider!

From the company and creator that made you love Ben Reilly's previous fashion sense. Will now make you whole-heartily detest and make you never wish for it!


Sometimes you just don't modify perfection. This was the Scarlet Spider as designed by Mark Bagley in the 90s:


It was crazy yes, but it wholesome and cute. You could believe this spider-suit was made because Ben Reilly had 0 funds and just threw together what he could find. So if you haven't been reading Spider-event, the Clone Conspiracy, then *SPOILER* Ben Reilly is the mastermind behind it all. The event will end in March, but Ben Reilly apparently will still be alive and will be spun-off to a new ongoing series written by Peter Allen David and Mark Bagley. 

And here's the announcement cover image to it (CBR were the "lucky" ones to break it. I wouldn't call them lucky at all for this. Maybe Marvel should just gave it to us. It belongs here. It belongs in an Outhouse):


To which I (and no doubt others) can only react like this:


What the hell?!

That barely invokes Scarlet Spider, that more looks like a homage to freaking Spidercide. SPIDERCIDE! There I reopened that 90s wound and made you remember about the fourth Peter Parker clone. Yes, the fourth. This guy.



Yes, that costume looks so much like that new one doesn't it?  It even has the lip like Spidercide. Kill it. Kill the design with fire! No wait, the design is inhuman. Someone get an old priest and a young priest. We might need an exoticism or something to cleanse the negative presence. 


I want to say more, but dear God that image is just awful. It's just... I just want to end the article and not talk about it more. But no, there's more to this then just the image itself.  Yes, there was more to the reveal at CBR beyond this awful design. PAD talked to CBR about the series (thankfully not me because I'd just keep asking him. "WHAT THE HELL IS MARVEL THINKING WITH THAT DESIGN?! Do they want this series to last six issues?!") and that it will also feature previous Scarlet Spider, Kaine Parker. He'll be tracking down his "brother" because well we can't have a nice family talk, always superhero fighting. Though really cause of that Clone Conspiracy thing Ben kind of did. Kaine is kind of ticked cause of that. But then a lot of people are ticked at that. 


Ugh.. that design is bad. Then again it sums up what's truly wrong at Marvel right now. I've got nothing else. Nope I'm just gonna coil back and cringe. The hell? Over twenty years for a Ben Reilly some fans have waited and this is what we get? Oh god... That's just. Oh.. fuck I think I just threw up in my mouth. I'm ending the article here.  You guys talk about it. I'm out! 

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