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Cullenary Treat: A Big Announcement

Written by Tim Midura on Tuesday, January 17 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Cullenary Treat: A Big Announcement

We've got the EXXXCLUSIVE cookbook reveal!

Source: Twitter

The Outhouse is known for its hard-hitting exposés and occasional fascination with super-writer Cullen Bunn, whether it's about grilling, his lunchcinnamon buns, or beer pairings. Today is no different as we bring you the news that Bunn has a big announcement later this week.



The Outhouse can safely say with zero percent certainty that this big announcement will be a cookbook full of Cullen's culinary treats, with an EXXXCLUSIVE mockup of what the cover might look like:


Recipes include Hellbreak Hamburgers, Cinnamon Bunns, and Magneto's Meatballs.

For all your Cullenary Treats, stay tuned to The Outhouse.

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