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Liberal “New York Times" Elites Remove Comics from Best Sellers Lists

Written by GHERU on Thursday, January 26 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Liberal “New York Times

When reached for comment the New York Times said “Is 15,000 copies of an issue really something to brag about?"


Being reported everywhere as if anyone will still care tomorrow, The New York Times, who (much like Marvel and DC) represents the pinnacle of a dying format struggling to find ways to cut spending while fighting off their inevitable extinction, announced today that their New York Times Best Sellers lists would no longer include the best-selling hardcover / paperback graphic novels or manga, presumably due to cost-cutting efforts

According to an email sent to digital subscribers of the February 5th's NY Times Best Sellers List:

Beginning with the advance BSL edition that will be delivered today for February 5, 2017 there will be revisions to multiple categories in the publication. These changes will span weekly and monthly lists

These changes include the above-mentioned removal of individual hardcover graphic novels, softcover graphic novels, and manga best seller Lists.

Image from Bleeding Cool

I have now written more words about the New York Times Best Sellers lists in the past 10 minutes than I have thought about it past 10 years.

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