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Goodbye... or Something Like That

Written by Gavin D. on Friday, January 27 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Goodbye... or Something Like That

Because technically I've still been writing for the site.

I never quite knew how I'd say goodbye to The Outhouse, just that I would. Would I write a fluff piece about a Marvel Editor and be hired by said editor? Would I lob softballs to an editor-in-chief in the midst of a building sexual assault scandal and be hired for Dark Horse? Would I be podcast buds with an editor at Marvel and then be given the opportunity to write a nostalgia project? The possibilities were endless, but the reality was looming. Unless I begin fellating industry professionals with my work, I'm not likely to get some big editorial job.

I say this not to brag or declare myself better than others, but to acknowledge that I screwed up. This was a golden opportunity to land a paying comics gig, and I just HAD to write about Axel Alonso ruining a pizza party. What the hell is wrong with me? By the time I realized this and started shilling for Valiant it didn't matter, cause I had pissed off Tom Brennan. I guess I'll have to make comics by being hardworking and talented or something like that... this sucks.

I'm off to work on my own creations. I will still be doing The Panel Podcast, but my time with The Outhousers is at an end, with the exception of convention coverage commitments made prior to this posting. But even then I will merely facilitate. My name will not be on the coverage. Tim has already been fulfilling my duties the past four months, and was doing 90% of the upkeep for the site the past year anyway when the responsibilities of my day job took a lot more time from me than I had anticipated. So the site will be exactly the same as it is now. Snark filled, and Jude free.

Thank you for the past couple of years, and may you enjoy this crumbling industry as much as I do.

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