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Marvel Teases 'Generations' and Secret Empire' Hasn't Even Started Yet!

Written by Zechs on Friday, February 17 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel Teases 'Generations' and Secret Empire' Hasn't Even Started Yet!

Marvel knows Secret Empire is probably gonna blow. So here's some hope come the Summer. I guess?

'With all the news today coming out from Marvel. You'd think there was a Rebirth a change in the wind going on over there. Jim Starlin and Alan Davis are the new "infinitely" superior new creative team on Guardians of the Galaxy replacing Brian Bendis.  Eddie Brock is back as Venom and the ongoing will continue with its old numbering after #150 (even though the first time Venom had an actual ongoing was with Flash Thompson). Ben Reilly is back to wearing his old costume, and the "new" one will be ditched after the first arc on Scarlet Spider. Finally, Groot gets a new ongoing, but it'll feature Baby Groot since you know what is coming out this summer in theaters.   

Then there's poor Secret Empire. The only bit of news that seems like the old Marvel with a variant for the first issue announced. Because just like Marvel, they're already planning for what come's after this event. Let me repeat that. Secret Empire hasn't even fully started yet, and we're already getting yet another possible event come this summer. 

Yes, today Marvel sent out this teaser drawn by Alex Ross, entitled Rebirth Generations:



That's not generations. That's selective legacy at best. After all, you gotta hype Carol Danvers being front and center there am I right? Plus where's the other Hulk (didn't they just turn She-Hulk into just Hulk), Ghost Riders (he just got a new ongoing. What? No hype for him?), Black Panthers, Wasps, Ant-Men, Captain Marvels (there was a fella before Carol), Quasars (new one introduced just last year), Spider-Women. Spider-Man 2099 (future legacy right?), Bucky Cap, Nick Furys, Visions (I guess Vivi isn't a full legacy just yet), Cyclops (cause rightness must prevail), and dear God why didn't they just get someone who can draw a massive collage of legacy heroes better?

There's so many more legacy characters not even put in here. So very selective bias there Marvel. Oy.

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