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Logan Runtime Extended, F42 Trailer reported to precede film

Written by Chad Tucker on Thursday, March 02 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Logan Runtime Extended, F42 Trailer reported to precede film

Run. Run while you still can.

Source: SlashFilm

Slashfilm reports that the running time of Logan has been extended. Worry not for reshoots, it seems the runtime has been increased for a far more sinister purpose, showcasing future Fox Films. A buddy who works at the theater was kind enough to help me copyt/paste a description of the trailer from Slashfilm's website, although it wasn't easy. Be forewarned there are spoilers below!





F42:F4Eva Trailer Description Below:









The scene opens on a picture of a desolate planet. The wind picks up, blowing a cloud of dust across the alien world. A metallic rasp is heard as a metallic faceplate is revealed. Dramatic music begins playing.

Title card reads 'It took four people to save the world.' Fade.

Interior Baxter Building. Ben's voice says "Reed, you have to cure me." Fade.

'But some of them paid a higher price than others.'

Miles Teller looks imploringly at the camera. "Ben, It's too risky. It could kill you." The half-blooded child of a turd and a Rock-Biter looks resolute. "I have to try Reed. I have to try." Fade.

'And some weren't done paying.' Fade to ben with his humanity restored, dying in a hospital bed of radiation poisoning. Cut to his Funeral. Everyone looks sad except for Kate Mara, who has the same wooden expression on her face. The human torch was recast as Marlon Wayans.

'But when the world is threatened again...' Fade.

A shadow slowly spreads across the funeral possession as something blocks out the sun. People take off sunglasses and look up in fear. Kate Mara looks... Hungry? Bored? I can't tell. Marlon trips over a chair when he tries to flame on. There's a purple Borg Sphere in the sky. You can almost see the string.

'By an enemy from the past' Fade.

Famous video blogger and arch-nemesis Doctor doom cackles as he takes over the TV. "I will have my revenge on reed Richards with the help of my new alley Kang!" Kang sounds like John Leguizamo, and his costume makes him look like a lilac-colored Power-Ranger.

Lots of flashes of scenes of explosions, Marlon's flaming comic relief, the worst costumes you have ever seen. "Oh no. How will we ever find someone tough enough to replace ben?"

' How will they ever find someone tough enough to replace ben?' Fade.

"Hello, you've Reached Wade Wilson." Wade Wilson answers the phone. "Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Aliens you say. Uh-huh. From the future? Okay. Hold on one Sec." Miles cringes as he hears gunshots in the background. "Okay, I'm back. Visa or MasterCard?"

'But will it be enough?' Fade.

At this point the trailer goes insane with the rapid-fire scenes and the dramatic music. More Explosions. Wade in costume. DR Doom monologuing with cloven hooves. Wade in a hoody. Wade in a Fantastic 4 Costume. Alien invaders coming down in their space ships. Kang monologuing. Doctor Doom Exploding heads. Wade shooting a lot of aliens. Wade playing space invaders using one of Reed's death rays. A lot of scenes of the other three of them standing around while Wade

Coming in 2018, F42:F4EVA








And just when we thought we were safe, the threat suddenly becomes very real. Run. Run while you still can. See the trailer when Logan hits theaters on March 3rd.

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