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Oops Missed It. 'Spider-Woman' Ends In March (Very Minor Update)

Written by sdsichero on Sunday, March 05 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Oops Missed It. 'Spider-Woman' Ends In March (Very Minor Update)

Which apparently was the plan all along.

Source: ECCC: Marvel: Next Big Thing with Soule, Hopeless, Walker and Zub

Spider-Woman was rebooted as part of the Marvel All-New All-Different let's-restart-at-new-#1s event just over a year ago. Well, it looks like the number 17 might be bad luck for Marvel's female cats and spiders, as Spider-Woman will be ending her current run at that number in March, with Hellcat ending the month after.

Somehow we missed this news, and the March solicitation doesn't really make any kind of big deal about the issue…



  • Spider-Woman’s tangled with Tiger Shark, Blizzard and a whole host of super villains in her time, but nothing has prepared her to take on a Goblin. Jessica’s about to put it all on the line like she never has before.
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99



At the Marvel: Next Big Thing panel at Emerald City Comicon, Spider-Woman writer Dennis Hopeless reminded us of the title's end:

"Our current run ends with issue #17, which was always the plan" … "It’s my favorite thing I’ve ever done, it was really emotional to end it. But I think we told the story we wanted to tell. In our final issue we give her a little bit of peace and happiness, before we hit her in the face with something else."


It won't be the last you'll see of Hopeless' Spider-Woman though:

"I actually have another thing with Jess in it, so she’s not going away"


Hopeless didn't specify where we could see Spider-Woman. Is it in one of his current gigs or something upcoming? He is taking over the writing duties of Doctor Strange in May…


Very Minor Update:

At the next day's Marvel: Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends panel, Hopeless reiterated Spider-Woman's etting a little happiness, but also added:

"Nobody thought we were going to do 28 issues of Spider-Woman."


So that was the justification of always planning (but not revealing) to do 17 issues? Hmmm…

Note: 1978's run of Spider-Woman went for 50 issues.

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