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Black Widow Leads A 'Secret Empire: Uprising'

Written by sdsichero on Friday, March 10 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Black Widow Leads A 'Secret Empire: Uprising'

Here comes the next generation…

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Steve Rogers’ Secret Empire Will Face an Uprising

In one of Marvel's Summer events, Secret Empire, Captain America as a Hydra operative will be revealed to the world. This, of course, will cause a bit of a ruckus in the Marvel Universe with the USA turning into a Hydra stronghold. Who can stand in his way? How about ex-soviet spy Black Widow, and some of the next generation of heroes?

In June, a special one-shot titled Secret Empire: Uprising will be released which will bridge issues #3 and #4 of the main Secret Empire event series. Uprising will be written by Derek Landy with art by J. Cassara.

In the one-shot, several of the next generation heroes (Amadeus Cho the Totally Awesome Hulk; Joaquin Torres the new Falcon; Miles Morales Spider-ManNadia Pym the Unstoppable Wasp; Riri Williams codename Ironheart; Viv the Vision’s daughter) will be under the tutelage of Black Widow and take on a mission. Landy says:

"… they’re given an assignment that’s the complete opposite of the espionage, spy work, and black ops they’re expecting because they’re being trained by the master of all those disciplines, the Black Widow. So essentially they have to take what she’s teaching them and apply it to a most unusual situation where they don’t quite get to be as cool as James Bond, but they struggle on."


He continues hinting that the one-shot may have a different tone than the main series:

"It’s philosophical, with jokes and punching, [Laughs] which I think is always the best kind of story. The wonderful thing about “Secret Empire” is how scary it is. It’s a terrifying proposal. The danger is losing sight of the fun of these characters and their attitudes. As a writer, you’ve got to be able to make their personalities shine through, and all of these kids are funny. All of them have a certain kind of attitude. And all of them are very intelligent.


So within this nightmarish scenario, you have to let their senses of humor and vulnerabilities shine through. Because essentially they are a bunch of teenagers who are scared of being suddenly out of their depth."


Hmmm… Marvel pushing something to do with generations eh÷


Secret-Empire-Uprising-meghanhetrick.jpgSecret Empire: Uprising cover by Meghan Hetrick


And event fans don't worry, it sounds like there might be more Secret Empire one-shots to come. According to Uprising editor Alanna Smith:

"The way we’re building the one-shots for “Secret Empire” is that these are integral to the main story. So when you read “Secret Empire” #3, you’ll see the jumping off point where “Uprising” starts. You can go right from #3 to “Uprising,” and then “Uprising” tees up events that will happen later in the series. It’s really a critical part of reading this event."



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