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Dan Slott on the Spider-Marriage Returning: "IT AIN'T HAPPENING EVER."

Written by Zechs on Monday, March 20 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Dan Slott on the Spider-Marriage Returning:

For those who still hope one-day Spider-Man will be married again, current Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott, has some BAD NEWS for you.

So over the course of this past week, on a forum that you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy also called by its normal name, CBR. The topic was brought up of the Spider-Marriage (aka the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson) and the infamous tale that led to it being removed, "One More Day" ever be undone? Fans gave their thoughts on it and then like a cat knowing cat-nip was near,  Amazing Spider-Man writer (and part-time band member of ZZ Top) Dan Slott appeared to give his answers on the subject from this point on:




*just me taking no chances with the screen-caps. Given CBR's knack for mysteriously removing posts or rebooting forums as time goes by. Call it a safeguard.

As always Slott wasn't one to just stop once and be done. Nope. He had to appear numerous times over as if he was John Cleese from "The Parrot" sketch from Monty Python to hammer down the fact. That the marriage is no more. It is dead. It has ceased to be. Yet, the shopkeeper aka the reader keeps pressing it can it return?

As noted, Slott mentions that those who want the marriage back should buy The Renew Your Vows ongoing, which #4 sales for February of last month currently place it at 31,750 having dipped -22.87%.  Then again, a lot of the Spider-Family comics are taking a beating, and new ones are about to be relaunched as old ones are canceled or "rebranded".

Though one curious element Slott hasn't mentioned, nor I think anyone in the entire thread is the current subplot going on with Deadpool/Spider-Man (when the comic isn't bogged down by fill-ins or crossovers). Writer Joe Kelly has been crafting a tale that basically has been doing nothing but touch on the infamous tale on Peter's end by first revealing just who is "helped" that series first primary ongoing villain, Patient Zero:



Like literally it's been dogging the character since the revelation that Mephisto had a part in helping ruin his life. 


That subplot is still ongoing. Because again, reading this series is a pain in the ass given how long it takes to go on amidst the fill-ins and crossovers. 

Also the first rule of Dan Slott: he lies. A lot. He lied about the Hobgoblin dying in "Big Time". He's lied about killing off Peter Parker in "Dying Wish". Those are just the easy little fibs. So it is very hard to tell when Slott is now telling the truth, or when he's lying. I even have been suckered into it. Probably to his final breath, Slott will always rub that salt in there. I await the day he will be outside my house with a boom box blaring that time he was with

I even have been suckered into it. Probably to his final breath, Slott will always rub that salt in my wound. I still await the day he will be outside my house with a boom box blaring a recording of that time he was with Roger Stern and the later said, "Only a fool would believe Kingsley would be dead!" Then have the words on repeat blaring for all to hear while I am driven more insane by it. Fuck he's going to actually do that now that I've said this or record that dialogue and then pay a Marvel intern to do this.

The posts above on CBR sound like the truth. What does he have to gain and not lie about it? Still, the thread has for lack of a better turn, "reopened" some old wounds with Spider-Man fans who still are sore after all these years over the subject. 

I mean there's not like some OTHER reality in comics where Peter and Mary Jane had a happy ending, featured one of the longest running ongoings that a female hero Marvel ever had, that had a loyal reader following, that some do miss (including this very writer), after it was finally canceled because we can't have good things. That is still not brought up to this day (probably because Web Warriors set ablaze all those possibilities. Thanks, former writer to that series and now current Venom writer Mike Costa for that). Or is there other reasons why?  Why indeed?





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